摘要 OceanBase是一个分布式可扩展的关系数据库,采用基线静态数据与动态增量数据分离存储的架构设计.其内存事务引擎提供了动态数据的存储、写入和查询服务,用户写入的数据被存储在内存中称为Memtable的数据结构中.Memtable及其周边的事务管理结构共同组成了内存数据库引擎,来实现事务的ACID特性.在事务引擎中,通过多版本的并发控制技术实现读写相互不阻塞,实现只读事务满足“快照隔离”级别;通过经典的行锁方式实现多个写之间的并发控制,实现最高满足“已提交读”的事务隔离级别.

关键词关系数据库   分布式系统   事务   互联网

Abstract: OceanBase is a distributed scalable relational database.Its storage architecture is designed by separating baseline static data and increment dynamic data, whose memory transaction engine, namely Memtable, provide dynamic data storage, write, and query, clients wrote data to the in-memory data structure. Memtable and some transaction management structures together form the in-memory database engine, which can achieve the transaction ACID properties. By based multi-version concurrency control techniques to prevent reading and writing from blocking each other to achieve read only transactions to meet the“snapshot isolation”level; Provide multi-write concurrency control by using classic row lock technology to meet the“read committed”transaction isolation level.

Key wordsrelational database system   distributed system   transaction   internet